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“ I had heard many versions of CrossFit, but if I tell you the truth, if you do not try it you will not discover what it is, the feeling of being out of breath, without the strength to move a single hair, that makes it addictive, knowing that it depends of you to overcome the training or not. I chose CrossFit Blau, above all for the people, but also for the experience of the Coaching Staff, the attention they give us, the care with the movements. This type of accompaniment will not find in any other box. ”

Rodrigo Matías

CrossFit Blau Member

“ For me CrossFit Blau is more than a box to practice CrossFit, it is a lifestyle. The Coaches are the main reason that makes me feel so good. They are always motivating you, attentive to you doing the exercises well, correcting each movement so you do not injure yourself. The trainings are different every day of the week so you work different areas of your body. Personally, I find that my lifestyle has changed! ”

Monica Planells

CrossFit Blau Member

“ I like CrossFit because of the spirit of overcoming that this sport has. Dedicating myself professionally in helping people do the same in their lives motivates me a lot. You see the improvements quickly. In addition, what I found in CrossFit Blau was a very familiar environment, where the body is respected to do it. And also where you are encouraged to give everything at every moment, but in a safe way! ”

Fabrice Martin

CrossFit Blau Member

“ Personally, I did not have many doubts that CrossFit would become a ‘lifestyle’ rather than a sport. Perseverance, strength and motivation are essential in the day to day of any person, and a discipline that implies those values ​​becomes your best ally on the road to your best version. At CrossFit Blau we learn, train, laugh, appreciate ourselves and, above all, enjoy ourselves. Everything else comes naturally. ”

Fran Morín

CrossFit Blau Member


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Vanessa, CrossFit Blau Customer“CrossFit Blau has given me a lot in recent months. I have gained in strength, endurance and elasticity. I am very happy with the Coaches that motivate us and help us improve in each training. The environment is very healthy and there is a lot of camaraderie.” – Vanesa

Alfredo, CrossFit Blau Customer“CrossFit for me is a good escape route. My work forces me to spend many hours sitting at the computer and with CrossFit I have been able to compensate it. I have been able to improve my fitness and I have discovered a training method that is very dynamic and really fun.” – Alfredo

Ben Muñoz, CrossFit Blau Customer“I like CrossFit because it’s a constant challenge; every day I get out of my comfort zone and try new things that I never would have done before. I like it because it is very complete and there are always new challenges, always competing against yourself to be better!” – Ben

Miki Silos, CrossFit Blau Customer“Throughout my life I have done many sports, but CrossFit has come to hook me in a way that no other discipline had ever done. For me it is overcoming oneself in its purest form. It takes you to the limit, it squeezes you to the last drop and, even so, you want to do even more and one step further.” – Miki

Regina Carnè, CrossFit Blau Customer“CrossFit for me is the most complete sport that helps me develop personal skills, abilities and capabilities; a constant challenge and improvement. CrossFit Blau is made up of a team of very professional people of great human and technical quality. The treatment of the owners and Coaches is very professional and at the same time warm and personal. We are a great family; we support each other, we respect each other and we encourage each other to improve each day.” – Regina

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