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CrossFit® was founded by Filip Wahlback (Head Coach and Athlete), Antonio Alves (Athlete), and Rob Pinto (Administrator) in 2015. Four years later, Catarina Edenholm joined the team.


Filip Wahlback, also known as ‘Biffy,’ is a passionate CrossFit athlete from Sweden, with an impressive track record in national and international competitions. His dedication to the sport and his constant pursuit of excellence have made him a prominent representative of the CrossFit community.


4th – Madrid Championship: In this prestigious competition, Filip showcased his strength and skills in a high-level contest. He achieved an impressive fourth place, solidifying his position among the top athletes in his category.

4th – Strength In Depth: His determination and dedication in training were reflected in his excellent performance, securing him a fourth-place finish in this event.

5th – Taronja Games: His ability to overcome physical challenges and his constant focus on improvement led him to the fifth position in this competition.

4th – Raising The Bar: In Raising The Bar, Filip demonstrated his ability and perseverance by securing a solid fourth place in the overall standings.

7th – Cyprus Throwdown: This international competition tested his strength and endurance, and his performance in seventh place is a testament to his dedication to the sport.

5th – Alpha Games: His ability to maintain a position within the top five in this competition showcases his skill and unwavering commitment to CrossFit.

These achievements highlight Filip Wahlback’s tenacity, strength, and skill in a variety of high-level competitions, establishing him as one of the standout athletes in his category.

CrossFit is more than a sport to me; it’s a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. Over the years, I’ve learned that there are no limits when you commit to working hard and pushing yourself every day. Each WOD is an opportunity to grow and prove that age is not a barrier. At CrossFit Blau, my second family, I found the support and motivation to get to where I am today. Never stop challenging yourself and pursuing your dreams!



Antonio Alves, also known as “El Bicho,” is a CrossFit athlete residing in Barcelona. Antonio was born in Portugal but has been living in London, and for more than 23 years, he has been settled in Spain, which he considers his adopted country. In addition to his commitment to sports, Antonio is a full-time owner of CrossFit Blau in Spain. His passion for CrossFit has led him to excel in both national and international competitions.


2023 WZA 3rd

Antonio Alves achieved an impressive third place at the WODAPALOOZA CROSSFIT FESTIVAL in 2023, showcasing his skill and dedication in the world of CrossFit.

2022 WZA 1st

In 2022, he stood out even more by winning first place at the WODAPALOOZA CROSSFIT FESTIVAL, solidifying his position as the top athlete in his category.

2022 MAD 1st

Antonio Alves also secured first place in the MADRID CHAMPIONSHIP, a testament to his ongoing dominance in CrossFit competitions.

Antonio Alves is an example of dedication and perseverance in the world of CrossFit, and his success in competitions is a testament to his hard work and passion for the discipline. His role as the owner of CrossFit Blau also demonstrates his commitment to the CrossFit community and his desire to help others achieve their fitness goals.

CrossFit is not just a sport; it’s a way of life. Through hard work, dedication, and constant self-improvement, we discover that we are capable of achieving more than we ever imagined. In CrossFit, I found my passion and my family, and each day is an opportunity to become stronger, faster, and more resilient, both inside and outside the box. Together, we are unstoppable!

Antonio Alves





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